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5 April 2016

Hello again!

This week on LifeAsAnya, I decided to write about something I haven't written about since the end of last year. This post is a little earlier than usual, but I was really looking forward to writing this. It's strange, because I thought I'd always be writing about this, but this is actually only my second fashion-related post. I decided to write about my favourite clothing items this season and why I like them so much. I've added links to each item, so if you'd like to buy any of these items, you know where to go.

My black denim skirt is the first item of clothing, purchased from New Look. You'll already know about this if you read last week's post, so I won't actually go into much depth about this. I've also been loving my ivory long-sleeved blouse from New Look. It adds a really elegant touch and goes with many outfits. It wasn't unreasonably-priced and I love it. 

One of my favourite tops at the moment is my khaki short-sleeved top embellished with black pom-pom trim. This is an extremely versatile top that is the perfect colour for Spring. Another item of clothing I love, which is probably my staple piece this season, is my khaki trench coat. It's perfect for this season and goes with so many different looks. It's great for those days when it's too warm for a proper coat, but you still need an extra layer. 

I've had these for a while now, but I'm loving my dark blue jeggings from New Look. Jeggings are perfect for me because they're stretchy but aren't too loose. At £14.99, they were very reasonably-priced and I love them. I also bought some new flats from New Look recently, which are my tan chain trim loafers. I love the trim on the front of the shoes and the colour itself. Another pair of shoes I've been loving are my white lace-up sneakers from Peacocks. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the link for these, but I'll link a very similar pair here. They're simple but this means they go with pretty much every outfit. 

That wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Spring staple pieces. Leave a comment below telling me what your staple pieces are this season. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!

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