Fashion's Biggest Colours This Summer

24 May 2020

One of the wildest aspects of fashion is the pace at which colours enter and leave the sphere of trends each season. Last year saw the revival of neon, tie dye and animal print as fashion's most anticipated trends, yet this year we're witnessing something completely different. As a Textiles student, I always found it fascinating how one garment on a runway a year prior can set the entire precedent for the next season's style. When I write up these edits, I realise I talk a lot about materials, prints and actual products a lot, but never really discuss the basics - colours. Thus, I decided to hop onto the internet and pick out some of fashion's greatest colour trends for the upcoming/current season.


This, as you can see from the above, is a colour I am utterly down for. Titled 'Sunlight' by Pantone, yellow tends to be a universally flattering colour and is a go-to for Summer, brightening up any wardrobe. Plus, it seems to be a great, 'safe' colour for branching out beyond neutrals without going completely out of the comfort zone, and is a far cry from 'Gen Z Yellow'.


Again, another colour that I never thought I'd be accustomed to, but love all the same. Purple has always been a colour I've steered clear from, as it was never one I thought to be flattering against my skin tone. However, along comes lilac, and suddenly I'm here for it. I see it as a more contemporary alternative to 'millennial pink' - it's actually quite refreshing to see that not on this list, to be honest. Pastel shades seem to be coming through for me, who'd have thought?

Okay, moving away from the pastels and onto something completely different. Possibly the boldest colour on my radar, this seems to be one of those shades that can seem impossible to pair with but, when done well, looks incredible. In all honesty, orange seems to have been a pretty underrated colour in the fashion world (highly professional term), so it's nice to see its revival.


I don't thing you can really go wrong with this colour. A take on the classic denim/jeans colour, reinforced into other products. Another colour that is bound to flatter everyone and would be super easy to pair with. According to Pantone, the shade (17-4021) reflects "comfort and ease" and, quite frankly, I don't think I've read a more apt description of a colour.


Okay, now this is a shade I'm yet to see looking bad, and one I went back to a lot when doing my Textiles coursework. The shade "cools and refreshes" according to Pantone and no truer words have been spoken. Yet again, a colour I'm surprised to be so drawn to. Although, I have a feeling that this is the kind of colour best in small doses, rather than taking the form of an entire outfit. The phrase "less is more" definitely comes to mind when looking at a shade as bold as this.

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