I always find it a tricky one, starting these 'About Me' pages, so I'm going to keep it short but sweet. I have a love for fashion, photography and sushi, and spend plenty of time online writing on this blog, and keeping up with the world. This blog covers just about everything, from topical debates, to new fashion bits, book reviews to student life!

I'm currently studying Law at university, whilst watching too much Grey's Anatomy and Friends in my spare time. I'm also an avid reader, a lover of historical fiction and social science.

Starting a blog was something I'd pondered over for a while back in 2015, though the fear of putting myself out in the public eye had always put me off. I soon persuaded myself to bite the bullet and here we are, five years later!

Thanks for joining me as I navigate my way through life - enjoy!

Lots of love,

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