Everyday Essentials

14 May 2016

We all have them. Things we can't really live without. For me, these are pretty basic things, but they still manage to get me through the day. This week, I give to you all the things I can't go without. 

The first, and probably the most obvious thing, is my iPhone. I'm just going to be honest and say that I'm on this a lot of the time. I think it's really important to stay up to date and connected. Technology has evolved so much over the past couple of decades, and it's become more and more essential. Some of my favourite apps include Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and more! There are just so many. I do so much on my phone. It's how I stay in touch, listen to music, and research things. 

The next thing would have to be my glasses. I honestly didn't realise just how bad my long-distance eyesight was until I tried these on for the first time. I now honestly don't know how I'd manage to see far away things without them. I really love the shape of them, which is just an added bonus for me. 

My next essential would probably be a notebook. I feel it's always good to have one to hand, as I can jot down any blog post ideas,reminders or even just thoughts. It's always an added bonus when your notebook has a really nice cover design, which the one in the picture has! 

Notebooks are no use without pens! Pens are quite literally crucial for me. I always find that I need one. Whether that's to jot down thoughts or or reminders, it's always good to have one to hand. My favourite shops for stationary are Paperchase, WHSmith and Ryman.

In Glamour magazine's December 2015 issue, I received a sample of Clinique's High Impact Mascara, which I can honestly say is the best mascara I think I've ever owned. I'm not sure what it is that makes this mascara so good - I think it's the brush - but I love it so much. I would definitely go this a thumbs up and would buy the larger version if it were slightly cheaper.

I don't know about you, but I've always got to have a spritz of perfume in the morning, right before I leave the house. Right now, I'm loving Zoella's 'Let's Spritz' body mist - the fruity scent is amazing! Other fragrance faves include Little Mix's Gold Magic, 'Daisy Dream' by Marc Jacobs and Charlie 'Enchant' body spray.

Oh. My. Goodness. The 'Sweet Mint' EOS is one of the best things ever created. I love it to pieces.I love how refreshing and cool it feels on the lips and, of course, the packaging. I'm kind of upset that I'm nearly at the end of mine now, although it's lasted a while considering I got it in Florida over a year ago.At some point I'm hoping to buy another one as I loved it so much.

Another essential I have is the Natural Collection waterproof mascara, which I use as a substitute eyebrow gel. Before I leave the house every morning, I always comb my brows using this and it helps them to stay in place for a while. 

And on that note, we've reached the end of yet another blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading about my everyday essentials. Comment below on what your everyday essentials are!

Anya x

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