Gift Guide 2016: Stocking Fillers

27 November 2016

I can't believe that this post will probably be the last before December arrives! In which case, I thought I'd carry on with my Gift Guide series, but with random stocking fillers instead. Here, I've compiled a decent list of what I think are very cute and different ideas for filling those stockings.

Alphabet Scented Candle – If you're buying for a home decor lover and want something personalised, I'd recommend something like these candles. They're the ideal size for stockings and add a very thoughtful touch.
Cosy Cardigan Mug – Nobody likes a cold brew, do they? Do you ever make a cup of tea/coffee and forget it's there, only realising once it's gone cold? I literally do it all the time. In which case, these mugs with cosies would be perfect. 
Prosecco/Rose tealights – Who doesn't love a good set of tealights? As I was browsing through the New Look site, I spotted these and thought that the scent itself was very unique, but also very festive, reflecting the start of the party season.
White round speaker – These speakers are really handy for parties, so I thought it would only be right to add one to my list!
Gabriella pompom pen – Everyone likes a good pen. In our house, we're always losing them. I thought that this cute pen would make a great stocking filler.
Plum Blossom & Vanilla reed diffuser – Reed diffusers are great for making rooms smell great, but without having to use candles and blow them out whenever you leave the room. Even though these ones from Primark are great value, they actually look like they're really good quality.
Copper string lights – If you know me, you'll be aware of my ongoing obsession with fairy lights. Combined with my obsession with copper, I think these are some of the nicest fairy lights out there.
Pack of 3 beauty blenders – Beauty blenders seem to have taken over the beauty world over the past couple of years, so to have three, for great value, in Christmassy packaging, is probably as good as it gets for beauty blenders(!).
Pro Medium blending brush – Recently, these brushes have made many appearances in YouTube videos and Instagram posts, but they can be pretty expensive, compared to what you can buy them for at Primark. Personally, I think that Primark's beauty and accessory range are of such amazing quality, considering the low prices.
2 pack Fuzzy Socks – Finally, I thought I'd include my holy grail accessories for the cooler seasons. Fuzzy socks are what I turn to all the time because, this year especially, my feet are always cold.

And there you have it, my stocking filler gift guide! Let me know if you're enjoying this little series, because I'm definitely enjoying finding ideas to write about! The next time I post, it'll most likely be December, which is crazy!

Anya x

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