So, Did 2016 Make the Cut?

27 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

I apologise for the fact that I haven't been able to post again up until this point. But I've been building up to writing one collective one. I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas. Thanks so much for the support over this past year, because it really means a lot.

Christmas Day was one of those days I'll remember for a long time. It's not very often that we're together as an (almost) full family, but it was so nice when we were. I never realise how much I miss Christmas dinner food all year round until I eat it. Thanks a lot to everyone who bought me a gift of some sort, or a card.

So, what is my overall opinion on this year? 

Well, I can definitely say that the quantity of losses still blows my mind. The world definitely lost a whole host of icons. I've also dealt with a personal loss this year, which was devastating for me and for a lot of people.  On another note, there was the whole Brexit to-do in June, which I believe took many of us by surprise.

Don't get me wrong, 2016 has also been a decent year, in other respects. Most notably, when we spent a few days away in Munich, I think. Additionally, I have felt much better about the way I look than in previous years.

This year has definitely been an interesting one for me. There've definitely been more devastations and losses than in any other year, as far as I can remember. But there have also been much better times, such as taking this blog to new levels and becoming more ambitious with my posts in the process.

I have a feeling this will be my last post of the year, so I hope to see you in 2017! Have an amazing New Year.

Lots of love,

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