Which fashion brand is best for what?

6 August 2017

At this point in my life, I've definitely come to the conclusion that I go to specific clothing brands for certain items. Is that just me, or does everyone have their preferences for different clothes? With this in mind, I stared to compile a small list of what I would go for if I went into a certain store or onto the corresponding site.

When it comes to New Look, which is by far my most talked about brand on this blog, I'll usually look for quite unique tops and dresses, because that's what the brand seems to specialise in. Something I bought from there recently and love is this slogan tee which you can find here. I also always go to New Look for my jeans, as they seem to have the best styles and fits for me.

Topshop is a brand that I've only really started to appreciate recently, and since it's mostly more on the pricey side, I'll always go for quite timeless pieces that I know will get a lot of wear, like the grey shorts that can be found here (even thought these were only £10).

H&M, for me, is one of those brands that can be kind of 'hit and miss', because sometimes I'll find something that I absolutely love and must have, whereas other times I'll go in and find nothing at all. However, I'll always find myself loving their accessories and basic clothes, because the quality is always great.

Boohoo is also a recent favourite brand of mine, because the prices of their clothes are great and they have such a wide range. The only issue I have is that the sizings can sometimes be a bit out, although I have found some amazing pieces, like the cropped trousers right here.

Finally, I wanted to mention Primark, a brand that you simply can't go wrong with, if you're looking for the best basics, sportswear, homeware and pyjamas. Especially their pyjamas; I don't go anywhere else for these now. One thing I would say about Primark is that, like Boohoo, the sizings can be slightly off, and I'm not such a fan of their jeans. However, I did recently buy a denim skirt that I am OBSESSED with and can be found here.

Let me know what your favourite brands are and whether you agree with me on what particular things you would buy from them.


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