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19 November 2017


I'm feeling even more festive now than I was in my last post. I've seen the Coca Cola advert now, so it really is the countdown. And with it not being long until the big day, I thought I'd treat myself to something I have actually been really in need of...a new handbag.  

I've been using my mum's older handbags for the longest time, because I never got round to finding and buying the right one for me. I can be a bit fussy whenever it comes to handbags – it has to be medium-sized. have a longer strap so that I can carry it on my shoulders, and I'm really in favour of sturdier bags over 'floppy' ones.

With this in mind, last weekend I was browsing the Internet for a new bag and discovered this one on the New Look site (which you can find HERE).

I'm a huge fan of this bag. For only twenty pounds, I'd scored a bargain (it's currently going for £14.99 on the website, so I could have scored an even better bargain). It is my ideal size, with a sturdy build, magnetic button fastening and a long strap. Perfect. Plus, there is so much interi
or space and yet the bag is so lightweight.

In terms of colour preferences, I knew I wanted black, because doesn't it just go with everything? I'm a huge fan of the velvet flap that covers the front of the back instead of the faux suede that makes up the rest because, without it, I feel that the bag would look quite plain.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my handbag purchase and can see myself getting lots of use out of it, considering its versatility and practicality. It's super ideal for when I go to work, or when I'm going to be out all day. If you like it as much as do, it can be found HEREIt could make the perfect Christmas present for yourself, a family member or a friend.

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