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14 January 2018

I don't know about you, but I depend on my phone for a lot. All the time. I've got my favourite apps – Facebook, Instagram, the obvious ones I use everyday for loads of different reasons. Recently, though, I've discovered some great apps that I thought I'd share with you, because they're not your typical apps, however I've found them all to be surprisingly useful.

21 Buttons – I recently joined this app and find myself scrolling through it all the time. It's a simple concept: upload an outfit, tag it with the product links from the website, and voila! The interesting part is that, if someone buys a product that you've linked to, you'll receive commission. Follow my account (@anyaalexandra) if you're ever wondering where I've bought an item.

CANON Camera Connect – This is the perfect app for fellow bloggers and photographers. If you take photos on your camera but want to transfer them directly onto your phone, using this app makes the entire process so simple.

Lively – I recently discovered this when I wanted to take a still from a Live Photo on my phone and make it a normal video. The app, again, makes the process very easy to follow.

Nationwide – I'm always wanting to know how much I have in my bank but never really feel it necessary to make the trip out just for this, so when I discovered this app, I was over the moon (anything to make life easier, right?). You can view your recent transactions and balance right from home, which is perfect for someone like myself.

Trainline – Sometimes my friends and I like to go on little trips that unfortunately are too far to walk to. So the Trainline app has become a new favourite of mine, for finding out when the cheapest and quickest trains are. I don't necessarily book any tickets, however just knowing the times are useful enough.

What are your favourite apps at the moment?

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