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16 March 2018

Hello – it's been a while!

Whenever I haven't blogged for such a period of time, I realise how much I miss it, even if it can be difficult to fully get back into the swing of things. Recently, I've found my life to be exceptionally hectic all of a sudden, which is why things have been a bit quite around here.

Nevertheless, I've finally found the time to sit and have a chat about a recent purchase of mine that I've been dying to share with you all.

Only the other day (I know, can you believe it?) did I make my first ever ASOS order. I've always liked browsing through ASOS, but have never got round to actually purchasing anything. Until I saw these trainers. 

I'd been on the hunt for some new shoes for a while, seeing as it's getting into Springtime and therefore was becoming bored of wearing my Primark boots. Usually, if I'm buying trainers such as the ones above, I'll go for what, however I'm sort of over wearing white trainers (for now, anyway), so I decided to go for millennial pink. Although, on the website, these particular shoes are referred to as being nude, but they're much more on the pink side, in my opinion.

The second reason why I went for these shoes specifically was down to the appealing price of £15. To be honest, I can be quite tight when it comes to spending money, so I really wanted to seek a pair for under at least £20, and luckily I spied this pair! I ordered mine in the wide fit, as I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible as well as last longer. I was quite surprised to see that there were still so many sizes available, even in the non-wide fit style, because usually bargains like this are instantly sold out or unavailable in my size. 

As soon as these gems arrived and I had tried them on, I think I'd found my new favourite pair of trainers. They're exactly the style I was looking for and pair well with such a wide range of outfits. I feel that they're the most perfect asset for Spring and Summer, although during this transitional period, I've been styling them with my New Look trousers and Topshop jeans, which you can actually find out more about in this post.

If you're as much in love with these shoes as I am, you can find them here (or for the wide fit, click here). 

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