Jumpsuits, the Unsung Heroes of Lockdown Style

6 May 2020

It's clear that every fashion company has embraced the 'stay at home' memo; my inbox and feed are a constant stream of 'staying-in style' adverts. Some sites now have a 'STAYING IN' category on their homepage. Such categories are full of joggers, vests, t-shirts, sweatshirts and what not. But a particular item of clothing that does not get a lot of attention in this department is the classic jumpsuit.

Don't get me wrong, jumpsuits never really used to be my thing. For some reason, I always saw them as something you just wore on holiday, as a huge faff in the bathroom. But I started branching out with style a bit (I know, how radical of me) and realised how useful they really are. The beauty of jumpsuits is the ease of having a full outfit in one - no rummaging to find a nice top or pair of jeans; a real convenience, if you ask me. Another perk is the sheer versatility of jumpsuits; they can be dressed up with a nice jacket and a pair of heels for nights (you know, the nights out that won't be happening for the foreseeable, but the thought was nice), or just with a pair of trainers for a casual look. They're also hugely flattering, especially those that tie at the waist. The only downside that comes to mind is the challenge of finding one with the right leg length, but isn't practically falling off at the top. I tend find this to be a little bit of an issue as I'm quite tall.

With this in mind, I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourites at the moment. They make for the perfect outfit at this time of year - the weather seems to have been flipping between warm and cool, especially over the past week. I figured I'd start with the one in the photo; this is an ASOS purchase from a few weeks ago, from the sale (annoyingly, however, it's out of stock in most sizes at the moment). It's definitely one of my best purchases yet and is unbelievably comfy, yet the style is dressy enough to wear out on various occasions. I'm also a massive fan of this colour at the moment.

Other picks include:

- This one from ASOS; I'm a little obsessed with yellow at the moment and find this particular neckline to be super flattering
- This Topshop gem - the shirred bodice is definitely a winner
- Another Topshop number, the neckline on this is universally flattering and the print is right up my street :)
- I'm also a huge fan of the whole boilersuit trend, like this one from H&M, or this one; only thing is, I can't imagine I'm cool enough to pull one off!
- The particular style of this Bershka jumpsuit is classic and perfect for dressing up or down, and comes in four colour variations. Win-win.


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