Things I Love in Autumn

11 December 2015

During this time of year, there are certain things that I find are completely essential for me, food-wise, fashion-wise, and so on. I get really cold around this time of year, so my essentials mostly consist of things to keep me warm. 

Hand Warmers

These are pretty much my life-savers during this time of year. I love the intense heat that you get from them when you need it most. I currently have hand warmers that have covers with fox designs on them with the hand warmers inside. Overall, these are amazing and are pretty easy to reset once you've used them; you have to place the solid, used hand warmers in boiling water until they liquify again. 


I've really gotten into wearing scarves this year, as I feel they are the perfect finish to any outfit during the colder months. I also enjoy wearing snoods as they are so easy to wear. My favourite scarf at the moment is a purple/burgundy tartan scarf from New Look, which I think goes really well with my black, long sleeved top and tan skirt, which are also from New Look. 

Hot Chocolate

Possibly my favourite hot drink, this is definitely an all-time essential of mine. I did mention this in my last post, 'Autumn Food/Baking', because it is, in my opinion, just perfect for this time of year. It's creamy, delicious, and always warms my stomach and throat. It makes me so happy to sit drinking hot chocolate from a Christmas mug during December. 

Hand Cream

This is, by far, one of my most needed essentials. During the colder months, my skin becomes dry and cracked, so I now usually carry a hand cream around with me. Two of my favourite hand creams are the EOS 'Berry Blossom' and the Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' hand creams, because not only do they smell delicious, but they also moisturise my hands really well. 


I dedicated a whole post to these, but I did feel that they needed a mention. I may have a slight obsession with them. I spend a lot more time in my room at the moment, so candles to me are a must-have. I love the way they make my room smell, and the way they seem to illuminate it. In my Yankee Candle Advent calendar, I recently received the 'Bundle Up', 'Spiced Orange', 'Icicles' and 'Snowflake Cookie' tealights, which all smell amazing. If I do buy candles, I will usually go for the food/spice scents, rather than fresh/floral scents, however I am really loving the more 'fresh' tealights in my calendar. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Autumn/Winter essentials and must-haves, and I hope you got some inspiration. What are your Autumn/Winter must-haves?

Anya x

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