Cosy Candles

1 December 2015

One thing that I think makes a home super-cosy is a candle. Chilling out in my bedroom with candles in the background is so relaxing. In Spring, I really like fresh scents, such as the smell of a garden or linen. They really remind me of Spring and the fact that Summer is just around the corner. Scents that remind me of Summer are things like flowers and the ocean. Although, I’m usually out a lot more during Spring and Summer, as it's a lot warmer, so I’m not necessarily in my bedroom as much.

It’s now Autumn, so it’s definitely time for me to start buying candles for that season. It’s really cold outside, so I spend a lot more time inside, which means I spend a lot more time in my bedroom. For this season, I love scents such as cinnamon, caramelised apple/pear, chocolate, pumpkin and vanilla. I have several candles in my room at the moment – one is a cinnamon-scented votive and another is a candle in a jar, the 'Brownie Delight' Village Candle. I love both of these, as the smells are strong enough without being too overpowering. 

It’ll be Winter in no time, so I’ll be attracted to different scents. Again, cinnamon and caramelised apple/pear are both scents that remind me of Winter, but scents such as gingerbread, mixed spice, cookies and biscuit are also on my list, as they are very Christmassy scents to me. I recently received the Yankee Candle Advent calendar, which I absolutely love, and today I opened the first door, which held a 'Candy Cane Lane' tealight. I wonder what the second door will hold?

Speaking of seasons, my favourite Autumn quote is “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” It’s such a gorgeous quote, however it does remind me of the fact that 2015 is almost over.

Enjoy the rest of Autumn – it’s a beautiful season.


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