8 January 2016

I absolutely love photography. Capturing different moments of my life is really important to me, as I can look back on all the things I have done. I would have to say that my favourite things to capture are items and scenery. This is because they are still and I can take really sharp pictures of them, and also because they're really exciting to look at. My phone usually takes really good quality photos - it's an IPhone 5s - so I'll mostly use that rather than a camera to take pictures. It's very lightweight and easy to move around, so it makes the perfect camera for when I'm out and about.

Below I show you some of my favourite pictures from my camera roll - all taken by me.



Disclaimer: Some photos may have slight colour filters.

Hot Chocolate - one of my favourite drinks!

Car journeys

Winter berries 

December walks

Christmas baking!


Christmas tree!

Autumn leaves

'Avobath' bath bomb



Sea creatures

Top photo: Unsplash

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