DIY Collage Polaroid Frame

27 March 2016

Happy Easter!

As Spring has arrived, I decided to do another DIY, but this time with many pastel colours for the new season. And by many, I mean MANY pastel colours. I've recently become obsessed with pastels and they're perfect for Spring.

Do you ever look around your room and think 'I really want to update my walls', but you need an easy, inexpensive way of doing so? I do, sometimes. I've recently been scrolling through the internet and been inspired through websites and YouTube videos to make some really Pinterest-y room decor. So, without further ado, here's how to make your very own polaroid frame!

Just a little disclaimer: Most of the images in the polaroids are not originally mine. Photo credit goes to original owners.

If you have a polaroid camera already, skip this step. Firstly, find some images! This part is completely up to you. Make however many text boxes you'd like, depending on your preference, as shown above. Copy and paste one image into each text box, and resize to fit. Leave a larger border at the bottom of the image to create a polaroid photo. I would advise that each text box has an outline that you can use as a guide when cutting.

Next, print out your images and cut them out. Ideally, cut inside the lines so there is no outline showing on each image.

After that, arrange your pictures however you would like on to your frame. This is where your creativity comes in. This is completely optional, but you can blu-tack your images on to the back of the frame so that they stay in place when you place the glass sheet over them. Finally, secure the frame and place it on your wall! And there you have it! A simple, inexpensive way of decorating your wall for Spring! The great thing is, you can switch out the photos for each season. 


Did you enjoy that? I certainly did. I loved picking out the photos. If you recreate this, leave a comment below or send me a picture of your creation. I hope you all have a great Easter. 

Anya x

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