Going Back to My Hometown

1 June 2016

I've been very, very eager to write this, and I think it's a long-awaited post. So, here it is, my Munich holiday post! I'd been buzzing about this trip ever since I was told we were going, as it would be nice to return to my roots. Yep, if you didn't already know, I wasn't born in England, but was born in Germany instead. I hadn't actually been there since I was about 3 or 4, and I unfortunately didn't remember much, but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. I met so many different people and it was nice to be surrounded by people who knew the place well.

Surprisingly, a 4:30am start didn't really make much difference. However, being the slightly slow and disorganised person I am, there was a bit of a last minute scramble. Despite this, we managed to board the plane okay.

The next two days were occupied with meeting up with friends. I had such a good time catching up. On the second day, we visited Dante Park for a bit of a swim. It was so nice to be outside and swimming, and there was even a pool with Rapids, which was so fun. 

Of course, no holiday is quite complete without a bit of a shop! There are so many awesome places to shop in Munich's city centre, and I got some great bargains! We stopped for some cake and a drink along the way too, which was a nice treat. 

Then we reached the last day. I didn't really know how to feel, to be honest. On one and, I was missing home and my own bed, but on the other, I realised how much I'd grown to love this this place I can gladly call my hometown. We went via the underground to visit the BMW Museum and SeaLife at the Olympic Park, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it then started to pour it down, so once again we went shopping, but this time in one of Munich's shopping centres.

After a lot of underground, tram and bus-travelling, we were once again boarding the plane back to England. Overall, it was a pretty amazing trip. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my German experience. Leave a comment below telling me where you last went on holiday, or where you'd like to go.

Anya x

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