Ways to Make A Bedroom More Personal

11 June 2016

Today's post is a slightly different one, but I thought it would be quite beneficial. Sometimes I feel like the best way to make the most of your bedroom is by making it seem more personal and expressive of you. There are so many ways of making a bedroom your own, and it doesn't always have to include spending money.  

The first thing I would say is to display some of your personal belongings. It always helps if you do this because you can see all your favourite possessions in front of you. This can mean books, teddies, cameras, perfumes/sprays, just anything that expresses you

My next tip would be to find room inspiration on Pinterest/Tumblr/the internet. There are so many sources of inspiration to help you to make your room look its best. You can find tips and tricks on how to display things, what colour schemes would work best for you, hang picture frames etc. 

One thing you could do is make your own room decor. Again, there are so many different websites that will give you ideas. If you want something easy but personal and Pinteresty to make, try out my polaroid frame. Usually, you only need a few household items to make amazing decor that looks like you could have bought it. By making your own room decorations, you can look back on things and know that you went the extra mile when decorating your room. The quote wall in the image above is one I made myself, by printing off some of my favourite images from Google and arranging them to make some very unique and Pinteresty art. 

A tip I have is, when you're picking out the colours to paint your wall or choosing the wallpaper, make sure the colours are timeless, which means you won't hate them in a year's time. You don't want to pick out colours/wallpaper that you've just begun to like or only because other people have got the same colours. You want to choose colours you've always loved, and if you're afraid of disliking the colours later on, go for colours that are quite basic.

My final nugget of advice is to decorate with colours that coordinate. If, like me, you're the kind of person who literally decorates for every season, read on. Take Christmas, for example. Come December time, you want to decorate with reds and greens and golds or silvers, but you have hot pink, canary yellow, purple and cobalt blue-striped walls. Go with different colour schemes that coordinate with your wall(s). I can't really use reds and greens and golds because I have lilac wallpaper (although I probably could, if I really wanted to - there's no law against this, but I'm a slight perfectionist!), so I usually go with the 'rustic' theme, using browns and coppers and silvers and blushes. I'm getting carried away, seeing as it's not Christmas just yet. Sidenote: Contrast is great too! Try to contrast where possible, but don't overdo it!

Anyway, that's all I've got for today. I hope you got some inspiration and/or benefit from this post, because I thought it'd be quite helpful, especially for those of you who have just moved house or are redecorating your bedrooms. Let me know if you want me to do a room tour. 

Anya x

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