Chocolate & Fruit Bark

18 July 2016

Do you ever have loads of chocolate left over from Easter, birthdays or parties? Today, I wanted to share with you my recipe for creating some tasty chocolate bark. If you ever have any leftover chocolate, this is a really easy way of using it. It's great for when you just want a quick snack to make and don't have many ingredients to hand. 

You will need:

1 large bar of plain chocolate (whichever kind you prefer)
Fruit of your choice
Greaseproof/baking paper
Baking tray

Disclaimer: This isn't an original snack; I read about it in a book and wanted to try it out. Credit goes to original recipe owner :). 

Start by trimming a piece of your baking paper to fit your baking tray. 

Then, melt your chocolate. Do this by placing a bowl (preferably glass) over a pan of simmering water, and do so until the chocolate is completely liquified. Stir with a wooden or metal spoon. 

Next, pour the chocolate onto the baking tray carefully, with the aid of your spoon. Spread it evenly over the paper, ideally with a spatula, although I just used a spoon. It doesn't have to be perfect. As you can tell, mine isn't exactly the neatest. 

Time to get creative! Slice any fruit and place onto the chocolate. I used kiwis and blueberries for an alternative combo. Push the fruit into the chocolate so that it sticks. If you want to, now is the time to add any other decoration, such as sprinkles, icing and so on. 

Slide the baking tray into the freezer and leave to harden for around 2-3 hours. After that, break up the 'bark' into smaller pieces and voila!

Keep your bark in the fridge or freezer when you're not eating it, because it will literally just melt, and that would be a little awkward. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about this quick little DIY. If you recreate this, be sure to send me a picture!

Anya x

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