Pinterest Faves #1

8 September 2016

 Pinterest. It's one of those apps I feel you can never get bored of. Whenever I'm bored in the evening, or I'm up at 6:45am wondering what on Earth I'm going to do with my hair that day, Pinterest is the place I go to. So, in honour of this extremely versatile and cute app, I rounded up some of my favourite pins at the moment. 

#1 - This is such a cool cake! I've become more and more girly recently, and this cake just fits the bill for me. Unfortunately, though, I'd probably never be able to make one as good as this…

#2 - I love this cute desk space so much. I feel like, if there's one thing that makes working more bearable, it's pretty stationary and decorations like these. 

#3 - I really like outfit flatlays such as this one. For the new season, this outfit would definitely be a winner for me. 

#4 - Pictures like this make me so happy. The quality is amazing, and it actually looks pretty satisfying, to be honest. The picture looks so peaceful, which is ironic considering it's in the middle of a city. 

#5 - I think this would have to be the ultimate celebration cake. I really like how innovative these kinds of cakes are. Is it just me who wouldn't want to eat it? I'd have to admit defeat, but not after trying to get that desired Instagram photo *wink wink.

#6 - I instantly fell IN LOVE with this. It is literally my ideal Winter getaway. How nice would it be to stay here? I don't know exactly where it is, but I want to go. 

#7 - I think this would be such a good place for any adventurers out there. I just really liked this photo when I was scrolling through Pinterest, and it's definitely the kind of place I'd want to visit. 

#8 - Vintage-looking photos are so cute! I really like this filter as well, and it's just an all-round pleasing photo.

#9 - Finally, we come to some fairy lights. Of course these were going to pop up at some point. This such a good idea for when you want to change your room around a bit. I wish I could do this in my room, but it's a bit of an interesting shape so I'd be  hard, but that's okay, because I can just admire ones like these, instead. 

And on that note, we've reached the end of this post! Let me know if you want me to do more of these, because I really en joyed looking through my boards and choosing my favourite pins. 

Anya x

Disclaimer: Photo credits go to original owners

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