Five Things I've Learnt About Clothes Shopping

16 September 2016

Clothes shopping, I feel, is one of those things that will either fill you with happiness and enthusiasm, or complete and utter dread. For example, if you've been given £50 worth of River Island and today's the day you're finally going to get to spend them, the former is most likely true. However, if it's the week before school starts again and you're being dragged off to George or M&S to browse the Back To School section, it's the latter you may feel. Over the years, I've encountered numerous different clothes shopping experiences, and I thought it'd be a good idea to share my utmost thoughts with you all about some of the things you could do with bearing in mind whilst out and about.

The shop you're in isn't always going to have your size. It's depressing, I know. When you're scanning through the aisles and thinking 'I'd honestly never wear that', and you finally spy something, you really get your hopes up. The you're flicking through the sizes desperately trying to find yours, only to find they have every size but yours. Huge pet peeve.

But, remember the saying, "Everything happens for a reason"?

Always be prepared at the till. By this, I mean don't be that person who doesn't have enough money for everything they've put in their basket, or can't find their money and/or voucher. And I say this with sympathy, because I've been that person, on more than one occasion.

Shops, such as Primark, will most likely be pretty busy. So, be prepared to walk into Primark and see what looks like half of Britain shopping there. But that's ok. If you have claustrophobia or personal space issues, find a quiet area and try to make the best out of it. 

Remember that you might be able to find something very similar, but for a much reduced price, somewhere else. If you discover something in a more pricey store, online or out and about, keep in mind that you could be saving yourself a fortune if you go and do some research online. You could have been missing out on some serious bargains!

And finally, keep in mind that changing room lighting can be dodgy. If you try something on and think 'I don't look very good in this' or 'I imagined this to look different', it's so important to remember that it might be the lighting that's changing your perception. This has happened time and time again with me. This doesn't mean to say that all changing rooms have and lighting, it's just that some do. 

And that's all the shopping wisdom I have for now! I hope these tips have been beneficial, if not enjoyable, to read. 

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