Winter Style Edit, 2017

19 January 2017

Hi again!

It's been a while since I last posted a fashion-related post...I think it might have been July, in fact, which is crazy. Anyway, with it having been Christmas only recently, I did receive a couple of clothing items that I thought I'd share and recommend to you. 

What with it being Winter, I'm cold pretty much all the time, so I thought it would only be right to buy a new coat. I'd had the same Winter coat for a couple of year now, which is still going strong, don't get me wrong, but I thought it'd be nice to have a slight change. Hence, I picked up this little gem – for only £14! I just reckoned it would be so practical and trendy, and not too big. I've definitely grown to love shorter coats, and was not disappointed by this one! It is currently £12 on the New Look site, by the way, so even better! To check it out, click here.

Next, we've got a pair of ripped, super skinny jeans from Hollister. I did receive these for Christmas but, funnily enough, I'd never have picked these out for myself. My mum did, in fact, and I absolutely LOVE them. They're just absolutely perfect for me, since I had been wanting to try out some ripped jeans, but not the overly-ripped ones you sometimes see. I love the colour of them and they're not too baggy (I couldn't find the exact pair on the website, unfortunately).

Also from Hollister, is this grey jumper. At first, I wasn't 100% certain on the fit of this jumper, but after trying it on again, I really grew to love it. It's definitely the comfiest sweater I own, I have to say. It's not the cheapest, but I reckon it'd be hard to get a cheap jumper of such good quality. You can find it here if you feel like checking it out. 

From New Look, I also bought a patched khaki shirt. I spied this while in Liverpool One and was instantly drawn to it. I thought it'd be a very versatile piece to wear with a variety of outfits. It's very comfortable and quite relaxed. I feel as if I suit the colour khaki quite well, but the patches make the shirt slightly more interesting. I managed to find a very similar one on the shop's site, so if you want to take a look, click here.

Finally, we have this burgundy cord skirt. I'd been wanting one of these for a while now, so when I received this one for Christmas, you can imagine I was over the moon (sadly I couldn't find this on the New Look site)

I hope you got some Winter fashion inspiration from this post, or enjoyed reading it all the same. I've decided that I'm definitely going to be more adventurous with fashion this year – I think I've made quite a good start!

QOTD ~ What's your favourite fashion trend this season?

Anya x

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