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28 February 2017

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Hi again!

Since Pancake Day has come around once again, I thought it'd be nice to celebrate by telling you all about my top three pancake toppings.

I've had so many pancakes in my lifetime and they're one of my favourite things to eat. My favourites, though, are American-style, thick pancakes. Even though I also love the more traditional crêpe style, the thicker ones just taste the best, in my opinion. I especially like these with maple syrup and bacon. As soon as I tried this combo I fell in love. But the bacon does have to be really crispy for it to taste extra good😋.

Another topping choice of mine is banana and lemon juice, which sounds a little strange, but they just taste so good together. A lot of the time I'll add some sugar to this, which results in the very traditional topping but with something extra. You can't really go wrong with lemon and sugar.

Lastly, we have the Nutella and fruit combo. This. Is. Amazing. I don't really like to overdo the Nutella to be honest but it, combined with strawberries and bananas, is pretty good. If you're not the biggest fan of Nutella, whether it's the sweetness you dislike or something else, you could try Greek yoghurt as an alternative.

There are so many simple recipes out there, whether they're on blogs, websites or in recipe books, for instance here or here.  I hope you enjoyed Pancake Day this year, just as I did.



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