Travelling Advice (From a Novice Traveller)

29 May 2017

It's finally the holidays! And with my going away later today (pictures to follow), I thought it'd be quite appropriate to write a travel-related blog post. However, I figured it'd be slightly more beneficial to write about my tips for packing, the actual travelling part and just general life hacks that can make the whole going away process a little bit easier. Not that I'm the most organised person ever, but I have picked up a few tips over the past couple of times I've gone away on holiday.

My first tip would be to check the weather before packing. This seems like quite an obvious thing to do, but I hate packing the wrong kinds of clothes. I think that as long as you have a jacket and sweater of some kind, as well as shorts and t-shirts, you can't really go wrong.

Pack at least the day before you go away. There's nothing worse than running around last-minute, trying to find a suitcase and things to put in it. It just makes me feel so much better, knowing that my bag is all ready to go, because everyone knows I can be quite a disorganised person as it is.

Have a vague outfit plan. This just means that you won't have an overflowing suitcase of clothes you won't wear. I can't tell you how many times I've done this in the past. Definitely take a few staple pieces that you can switch around with others.

Take snacks for the journey, because chances are you'll get super hungry and it'll just be that the next service station is 20 miles away.

Finally, make sure you've got things to keep you entertained. I know full well how boring it can be on long journeys, so I'll usually download shows on Netflix (love this new feature!) and bring headphones.

Well, I hope you found these tips useful, even if it was only one or two. My next post will most likely be pictures from my holiday, so be sure to check it out!

Are there any tips that you stick by when going on holiday?

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