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13 June 2017

It feels like such a long time since I wrote a post like this – it must have been February?! I've encountered number of different things that I'm pretty keen to share with you all. In all honesty, this post kind of combines May and the start of June.

The very first thing I have to mention is the 'One Love' concert held in Manchester, on the 4th June. In the aftermath of what was an absolutely tragic and horrendous event, it was amazing to see everyone coming together to honour those affected. I wasn't able to make it myself, but I did watch the live broadcast and it was amazing.

Going down a slightly different route, I recently purchased The Body Shop's shower gel from the Pínita Colada range. I did actually discover this range last year but never got round to buying any product from it. However, on our Brighton trip, I did manage to pick up the shower gel, which I have to say is my new favourite. At £5, you get a very decently-sized bottle and the nicest scent. It just reminds me of Summer!

I thought I'd mention my denim jacket, something I've been getting a lot of use out of lately. You know when it's too warm for a proper coat, but still too cold to not wear one at all, and it's June? Denim jacket's are my go-to around this time of year. There are a few others I love the look of. I'll usually wear this with my new black, patterned shorts, or my black jeans on cooler days.

If you read one of my latest posts on my hair product recommendations, you'll know of my love for the Wella Oil Reflections oil. I won't go into too much detail, but I just feel that this had to make it into my favourites this month.

Something I never thought I'd rate is the St Moriz tanning spray in the shade 'Medium'. I never used to use fake tan in the summer, but recently I've really been wanting to look a little bit more tanned. It's definitely because I never used to moisturise beforehand, that it never went down well. But now, i swear by moisturising my skin before tanning – it'll aways work out so much better 😊.

I have found myself adoring Topshop recently. I honestly love the quality of their clothes and the whole experience of walking round one of the many retailers. It is a little bit on the pricier side, so I only own a couple of things from there as it stands, however I know it'll be somewhere I turn to a lot more than ever before.

Finally, I thought it'd be worth mentioning my Primark joggers. I was on the hunt for a new pair of joggers and sourced this pair for only £6. I can honestly say that they are some of the comfiest trousers I've ever owned. All things considered, I feel that £6 for a decent pair of joggers is pretty good.

What have you been loving at the moment?

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