Little Wins

25 July 2017

As a regular person, it's completely natural to feel down or unmotivated; even the thought -of getting ready and going out seems like a massive chore. But something I hate is when it gets to the evening and being unsatisfied with what I've done (or not done) during the day. Basically, I hate having regrets.

Something I've decided to work on is prioritising whatever I need to do. A lot of the time, the thought of doing work etc. is unbearable, but I think what helps is knowing how satisfied I'll feel once it's all out of the way. Little things I do to make it seem better are putting music or Netflix on in the background. 

On a completely different note, something else that has helped me so much over the past few shopping trips is changing my mindset on my appearance. For instance, if I try something on in a shop, I'll think 'it's the top' rather than 'it's me'. Body confidence is definitely something that's grown as I've gotten older.

These are just the ways in which I've changed my mindset on life in general, but I know that there's always so much more room for improvement. I hope that maybe this has helped you in one way or another, because I know that since I started living by these tips, I have felt a lot more confident and satisfied in myself.

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