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10 April 2019

How have we almost reached the end of March already? Utter madness. With this being said, I don't know about you, but it definitely feels like the longest time since my last trends roundup post, or a post of similar description. And with Spring having just arrived I figured, what better time to review come of the latest trends that have entered/ are entering the shops at the moment?

The first trend I wanted to discuss is neon. It must be said that I'm very much on the fence when it comes to this trend. I mean, whilst there are so many people who can pull it off, and I'm all for a bit of a bolder colour scheme, however I cannot see myself pulling this off that well. Plus, I can imagine it's quite hard to pair such bright colours with much apart from black, white or grey. Or, you know, more neon. Anyway, a trend I've really been loving at the moment has to be ruffles. My sense of style has definitely become more girly as of late, and I adore the effect a few ruffles can have here and there, especially on skirts, dresses and tops. This is more or less a style that I'm sure I will be liking for a long time.

The midi skirt. What more can I say? This is a trend I am really feeling inspired by, and am currently on the hunt for one. I'm especially liking the look of ditsy, tiny floral prints, paired with a statement t-shirt and chunky trainers. Speaking of which, can I just talk about the range of t-shirts available at the moment? One of my absolute favourites is this one, which I actually purchased the other day and is now serving as one of my staple pieces - my favourite aspect is definitely the lilac font.

Something I am absolutely living for is the Broderie Anglaise trend sweeping the High Street. I never used to be one for lace or similar styles, however as mentioned earlier, my style has certainly become more 'feminine' and I have simply fallen in love with the intricacy of the clothing that falls into this bracket. Something I have been wearing frequently in recent weeks is this top from the ASOS Design range - it must be said that the square neck really sells this top for me. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure how well this style of neckline would suit me, as I seem to have quite broad shoulders, however soon realised after trying this top for the first time that I should definitely not be put off by the square neckline.

A style I never one believed I'd become accustomed to is hair accessories. And I'm not just talking about the odd hair grip here and there; I mean, as in headbands, something I'd not worn since my early primary school years, in all honesty. I'd been noticing the odd knotted headband cropping up here and there across Instagram and Pinterest, and thought I'd hop on the bandwagon - although, to be fair, I bought this fairly subtle black headband, just to see how I felt about it, however I'll probably find myself branching out with new patterns fairly soon! I've also been experimenting with patterned scrunchies at the moment as, they seem to wake up any ordinary hairstyle.

What are your most wanted styles for the new season?


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