An Assortment of Books, Reviewed

21 April 2019

Something I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and write up some book reviews, however there have definitely been a few standout books that I would like to talk about. The good, the bad and the just-about-average. As I'm writing this  I'm sat on a flight to New York (photos to follow!), so I figured: what better time to write this post? I would say that my favourite genres would have to be true narratives, romance, drama and thrillers, and sometimes the odd historical drama. Whether I get to the end of the book, however, is purely dependent on the first few pages, and there have been quite a few that have caught my attention.

The first book on my list is The Tattooist of Auchwitz, by Heather Morris. Despite mixed reviews about this, the plot of this caught my attention and I have to say, it’s now one of my favourite reads of all time. Based on the real-life telling of prisoner Lale Solokov, the man chosen to be the tatöwierer, providing the tattoos to the masses of war prisoners entering the camps. Humbling and truly eye-opening, this novel is set in the Auchwitz concentration camps, and depicts how romance can be found in the most abhorrent of circumstances. I think what makes this novel so effective is the fact that it is based on a real experience, which makes it all the more difficult to comprehend. I had read reviews that criticised the narrative for its seemingly glossed-over telling of life in the camp, however I felt that since it was focused on Lale’s romance with Gita, the balance between the heartbreak and the lighter moments was appropriate. A definite read if you’re into period dramas.

Another recent read of mine was Still Me by Jojo Moyes. The final installment in the Me Before You trilogy, this novel follows Louisa as she embarks on a new job working for a wealthy family in New York, whilst trying to maintain her relationship and stay true to herself. Before I get into this review, I would just like to mention that I have had nothing but praise for the first two novels in the series, so to say I was expecting something incredulous is an understatement. So maybe this would explain why I found myself slightly underwhelmed by this one. Of course, I absolutely adore the characterisation of Louisa, and the way she handles herself in the midst of a completely new lifestyle. Nevertheless, I felt as though the plot slightly lost its way towards the end and the series could have ended on a much stronger  note. Although, having said this, I definitely do not want to put anybody off reading this novel, as this is purely my own view and I’m sure there are many who feel differently; I just felt I couldn’t write a review without being completely honest. I think I have to remember that there will always be one or two books in a series that lack the same sparkle as the rest, especially when the debut is so strong.

To Kill A Mockingbird. It must be said, I’m conflicted over this one. Maybe it’s because I read this whilst also reading others, or in non-consecutive sittings, or maybe it just wasn’t my style, but this novel did not tick all the boxes for me. Despite the incredible plot and the marvellous depiction of life in the Deep South of America in the 1930s, I found some of the characters hard to get to know, and sometimes I found myself having to backtrack to remind myself who certain characters were. I might possibly have to read this one again in one or two sittings to really feel the full effect. I mean, the book hasn’t gained the reputation it has for nothing, right? 

The last book on my list is This Is Going to Hurt, by Adam Kay. Somewhat different to the last few books, this is a non-fictional diary of Kay’s life as a junior doctor, from his early days to his very last. Overall, I found the text to be endearing and actually quite humbling, as it sheds light on the realities, the good and the bad, of life on the wards. The book, on the whole, possessed a good balance between humour and heartbreak; a very raw depiction, in my opinion. Of course, this is to be expected, as it is adapted from Kay’s regular diary updates. A 10/10 from me - I would seriously recommend this if you’re looking for a light and easy read.

Which books have you been obsessed with lately? 

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