'One of Us Is Lying', reviewed

11 July 2019

Recently, I've really fallen back in love with reading. In all honesty, I never actually fell out of love with it, merely forgot how much I enjoyed it. The dominance of revision in recent weeks and subsequent tiredness meant I wasn't able to invest much time into it. With this in mind, I had a browse through Amazon the other day and the title, 'One of us is Lying', caught my eye. I'm all for a criminally-focused novel, and this was no exception. And having just finished the book, I figured it'd be a good idea to give it a mention on the blog!

Allow me to give you some background: Four students, Cooper, Addy, Bronwyn, Simon and Nate are  all summoned to detention for the same reason, after barely having spoken to each other before. Simon, however, is notorious for his blog, on which he exposes students' secrets. Suddenly, Simon suffers an extreme allergic reaction to his drink, which he later dies from. The death is classed as a murder and the four students are made prime suspects in the ongoing investigation. Especially as each student has a secret that Simon is about to publish online.

Admittedly, I reached a point in the book where I thought that the killer had been revealed, and was left feeling frustrated as the outcome was slightly underwhelming. I felt as though an excellent book had been ruined within a mere few sentences. However, I was pleased to read on to realise that this actually wasn't the case. In fact, the ending was something I hadn't at all anticipated. Normally, I'm pretty good at predicting the end of books, however the twist in OOUIL completely threw me!

All in all, this book really did tick most boxes for me; it's a relatively easy book to follow, it kept me engaged the whole time, I wasn't getting confused at any point (this is normally a massive put-off for me!) and the storyline stayed interesting the entire way through.

If you've found yourself wanting to try out this book for yourself, I've left a link to buy it here. I've made it my goal to make my way through so many books over summer! If you've got any recommendations then please do let me know - I'm always on the hunt for new books!

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