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25 July 2019

If you know me, you'll also know of my love for home decor, home accessorising, you name it. I feel as though this is something that doesn't get enough credit on the blog, as I've not really found much reason for writing about it. However, since my last interior-concentrated post, I've moved rooms and completely changed my approach to decorating. I wanted to also share my best advice for sticking to a budget when decorating a room since, as a student, money is always a huge decider in the things I buy.

Okay, so when I made the move to a new bedroom, I wanted to completely change the colour scheme in the room. Previously, the things I bought were heavily influenced by the fact that my room was mainly purple, so I felt I had to stick to colours that would coordinate with this. The new room, however, was neutral, with a grey wall panel being the standout point, and the wood a dark oak. Therefore, I wanted to make the most of the white in the room and add small doses of colour. Recently, I've also begun to love gold metal accents, in frames and mirrors.

The first thing I would mention about decorating a room is figuring out what you already have to work with, before splashing out on a host of new things. Even if it's something you had shoved at the back of a wardrobe because it didn't work before. Things like pots, vases and photo frames can be painted, embellished and all sorts to freshen them up. Something else that can save so much money is printing off your own photos instead of paying for brand new prints. Sites such as Unsplash have a plethora of great photos to use!

Something else I would recommend is planning out what you need before you buy things. Not all the time, necessarily, but knowing what you need and what you don't can save you so much money in the long run. Also, don't underestimate shops such as Wilko, Home Bargains and B&M for great homeware pieces. Some of my standout homeware acquired recently have to be my mirror, frame and basket from H&M Home (there's definitely a running theme with these items). As well as these, is my pom pom cushion purchased from Asda's homeware range last year.

All in all, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my latest interior design ventures (if that is even what this post is?!). What are your best tips for designing/decorating a room?

Lots of love, 

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