For The Love of Prints!

21 August 2019

Something unexpected has happened. My wardrobe is utterly infused with prints. Animal print, floral print - you name it, it's there. I don't know if it's years of wearing solid colours, or the way that fashion in general is heading, but printed clothing has become A THING. I guess I'd always figured that certain prints were too ageing, too mature etc. But you know what? Forget it. 

I've also become more adventurous with colour. Who'd have thought I'd be wearing a green and black-printed midi skirt? Not me. But this bargain definitely caught my eye and satisfied my newest midi-obsession. I especially love that this particular one sports a split up one side. This, along with my other animal print skirt, are two of my favourite pieces this season. I'm also loving this printed dress from New Look. Originally purchased for a week in court (work experience), this has quickly become a firm favourite in my wardrobe, usually worn with my black, denim H&M jacket and my flatform trainers. 

When in Primark a couple of weeks back, I spotted this red floral top and added it to my basket on a whim. You know, doing that thing that everybody does on a Primark trip: going round and dumping basically everything in my basket because It's just so cheap. Regardless, I went home and was pleasantly surprised to find that I did actually like the top. It seems to be one of those colours that will also be excellent in Autumn, too. I'm also a massive fan of the extra large sleeves and the peplum hem that the top sports. I'll usually pair this with my black skinny jeans (also Primark!) and my black and white Vans. 

Additionally, I've become the ultimate dress convert as of late, as I've quite possibly mentioned before. Thus, I wanted to discuss this floral dress purchased from Pretty Little Thing. What I like most about this is its flattery; the corset fastening seems to cinch in at all the right places. I'm also very much liking the colour combination of black and orange!

Lots of love,

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