A Week in Brighton ( + Travel Guide)

15 September 2019

Welcome back!

Well, hasn't September just hit us all like a tonne of bricks? I thought last year went quickly, but I was clearly mistaken.

Anyway, for the first post of the month, I thought I'd talk about my recent trip to Brighton and pinpoint some of my recommendations, you know, if you happen to be stumbling across Brighton for the very first time. Trust me, there's so much available to do, sometimes you don't really know where to begin!


In summary: we tried to be adventurous with restaurants and food, attempting to refrain from places we could visit almost any day of the week. We also spent a lot of time out and about, rather than inside the accommodation we were staying at, because, you know, there's plenty of opportunity to stay indoors and scroll through Instagram, right?

I think that what really made the week was the brilliant weather (how old do I sound?), as it really did make me forget at times that we were still in the UK! It's not all that often you get to sit on the beach/go into the sea etc without having to fly out somewhere, so that was a real bonus, in my books.


The Giggling Squid - an incredible but quaint Thai restaurant we came across down the lanes. This happened to be where I tried pad Thai for the very first time, and I'm relieved to say I wasn't left disappointed! The place also had the option of sharing platters, or a combination of a starter and main meal.

Donatello's - This happens to be where we spent most of our time! I was left majorly impressed by the relatively reasonable prices and the high quality of the food. Donatello's also had some great offers, so we were never left with something to be desired whenever presented with the bill. There's something about individual Italian restaurants that trumps your classic chain restaurant.


Shopping - As you walk further away from the front, you come to realise the incredible, mini shopping district that has recently been infused into Brighton. The best part? Everything is within a short walk of each other, so if you don't feel like making a day of shopping, you can just take a quick trip.

The Lanes - If you're not in the mood for mainstream shopping, you can also avoid these shops and take a trip down Brighton's renowned Lanes, filled with an array of shops, caf├ęs and tourist spots.

Brighton Marina - Well, we discovered this little gem for the first time in this trip, despite having visited Brighton two times already. The Marina is gorgeous! If there was one place you'd want to sit and eat on a sunny summer's day, the Marina would definitely fit the bill. Filled with an array of favourite restaurants, eg. TGI's, Pizza Express, even a Wetherspoons, this is a hidden spot you must see. Even better, it's not even far from the main Brighton front - it probably took us around half an hour to make the walk down.

The Pier - I mean, is it even a trip to Brighton if you don't pay a visit to the Pier? I think not. A piece of advice: if you're going to do the rides, make sure you get them all at once on a day ticket rather than having to go back and forth every time to renew the ticket!

Photomatic store - There's definitely some ingenuity in creating a shop like Photomatic. This is yet another gem of a store down one of the lanes - for a small amount of money you can repeatedly take those retro-style, high quality photos everyone seems to post on Instagram. And yes, I have unashamedly become one of those people. In all seriousness, this really is one of those must-do things that you wouldn't expect to have so much fun doing!


And on that note, we've come to the end of another post! I hope that, if you've been searching around for somewhere to go for a quick break away,  I've inspired you to give Brighton a visit! It really is one of those places that has something for everyone, and is also a relatively inexpensive trip away.

Lots of love,

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