Winter Style Edit, 2019-20

2 January 2020

Hello from 2020!

If nothing but tradition, I wanted to highlight a few of my fashion favourites from the last few months. If I could summarise my style over the last third of the year, I would say that I've definitely become partial to the 'athleisure' trend (I know, better late than never, right?). I've constantly been turning to sports leggings and sweatshirts much more than ever. This could be because I've been going to the gym more as of late, but also because I spend a lot of time doing work, and I've come to realise that revising in jeans is not all that comfortable. Not all the time, anyway!

I've also become more invested in floral prints, as mentioned in one of my previous posts, found here. I know I shouldn't conform to certain styles or feel like I have to follow certain rules, but I've confirmed I definitely don't like wearing tight, body con clothing on the regular, instead choosing to wear looser tops and dresses, those that don't cling to any part of me. This may change, you never know, but right now I've found myself most comfortable in less figure-hugging clothing.

H&M really came through with sportswear for me this year. A few weeks back, I bought a pair leggings and a (somewhat) matching sports bra. This time, I didn't stick with my usual combo of black and grey, but bought both items in burgundy. I know, how ambitious of me. I wouldn't have thought of H&M as a typical sportswear go-to brand, yet its clothing is incredibly high quality, considering the reasonable price paid. Granted, I wasn't prepared to pay some of the higher prices for gymwear I know are out there.

An item deserving of a mention is one that, if you know me, I have been getting use out of non-stop over the past couple of months. I'd been eyeing up this Topshop dress [alternative colour] for a while and waited for the price to fall, as I've been trying to keep my spending as low as possible (surprise, surprise!) and was able to get £10 off the original price. It's a given that I've got my money's worth out of it and I know it's an item I'll be able to take into spring and maybe even summer, if I wear it right. I don't know when I became so partial to dresses, but all of a sudden I have loads!

Knitted items have also made up a huge portion of my wardrobe - not wholly unexpected in winter, I know. I've really been into cream, almost beige jumpers at the moment, with black jeans or thrown over a pair of leggings to go straight from college to the gym. I bought a jumper on ASOS the other day, originally by the brand Pieces, in the sale, and have been wearing it non-stop! We love a bargain.

So there we have it! A round-up of some of my favourite fashion pieces for the season, kicking off what I anticipate to be one of the biggest years of my life so far! I hope you've had the best start to the new year/decade so far - stick around for more posts from me, it's going to be a big year!

Lots of love, 

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