Updated Skincare Routine

24 August 2016

I'm back from France! It was so, so good. Although, I really missed blogging and Emily (my cat). However, it felt really good to swim outside and in the sea. Now my summer holiday is over, though, it's time to talk about my updated skincare routine, just in time for Autumn and Winter. 

I've adapted a skincare routine much more regularly into my day. I try to do to it every single day, however I have slacked a bit while I've been on holiday. Now, though, I'm pushing myself to to it every day. It's a pretty short routine, but it does the job.

Firstly, in the morning, I will sometimes go over my face with a cleansing wipe to get rid of anything that shouldn't be there, and to  make my face as clean as possible. Then, I will mix the Garnier Day Cream and the Nivea tinted moisturising day cream together on the back of my hand, and I'll dab it onto my face in sections. I do this because I think the tinted moisturiser alone would be too heavy, but I do want some kind of coverage. Then it gets smoothed into my face with my fingers. Done!

To remove any makeup, I use the Garnier Micellar water and some cotton pads. Or, I'll use the same cleansing wipes as before. I've been using the Boots anti-ageing night cream lately, especially on holiday, because it smells so good and it actually feels like it's helping my skin. 

That's pretty much it! I'm sure my skincare routine will become a bit more thorough in the future, but for now it's quite basic.

Anya x

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