Beauty on a Budget: Collection Lasting Colour Lipsticks

29 August 2016

   L-R: Cafe au Lait, China Rose, Aubergine Kiss

I'm one of those people who don't like to splash out on makeup too much, only because I don't wear it all the time and therefore think it wouldn't be worth it. However, once in a while I discover something at Boots or Superdrug and think it would be a nice addition to my drawer. 

I wanted to draw your attention today to a brand that is very well known, but is probably raved about most for its concealer. The brand in question is Collection. This is quite possibly my favourite beauty brand, mainly because of the affordability of its products. If you're ever wanting a brand that has products of great quality for very reasonable prices, I'd definitely check out Collection. 

One thing you may or may not be too aware of is their collection of lipsticks. The lipsticks that Collection produce are of a surprisingly excellent quality. They mattify very well once you blot them and don't feel too drying on the lips. And for only £2.99 each, you can't really go wrong. The brand has a wide variety of flattering and versatile shades.

I currently own 3 shades of the product, and buying one yesterday was what inspired me to write this post. The shades I own, in order of when I bought them, are 'Cafe au Lait', 'China Rose' and 'Aubergine Kiss'. The shades themselves are all quite different. 

'Cafe au Lait' was the first one I bought, and it's just a very simple nude shade. 'China Rose' is a much darker nude with a pinkish undertone, and I've worn this on much fewer occasions. I got 'Aubergine Kiss' yesterday because I was feeling very brave and thought it a good idea to try out a berry lipstick, what with Autumn just around the corner. Turns out, I absolutely love this lipstick. It didn't bleed out when I applied it and stayed super-matte once I'd blotted it. Obviously it felt the tiniest bit drying, as with all matte lipsticks, but nothing off-putting. I didn't really notice it too much, to be honest. 

You can find Collection at a lot of Boots stores and I think all Superdrug stores, and on their websites. Collection also have their own website if you are interested in finding out more about their products. You can find the Collection website here.

Anya x

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