Staying Warm This Season

23 October 2016

It's weird, because I never used to feel the cold very much around this time of year, not even in January. I'd wear shorts around the house and not-so-warm clothes outside. Now however, I've found that I'm really cold all the time. I don't really know what happened there, but unless I'm wearing fuzzy socks and long, warm clothes, my hands and feet are always freezing and I have to wear a scarf and gloves in the morning, when I'm out and about. So obviously, I have to find way around this. Today I've compiled a list of all the ways you can stay warm if, like me, you find you're always turning up the heating at the moment.

Layer, layer, layer! I've found that when I'm getting ready for bed, it's a good idea to wear a pair of shorts under my pyjama bottoms. Only because, well, I don't really feel comfortable sleeping in long pyjama bottoms, but I'm cold without them on before I go to bed. It sounds strange, I realise that. And when out and about, take advantage of the fact that you can always take layers off if you're too warm, but you can't add layers if you're too cold.

Have a hot shower or bath. It might seem quite obvious, however when I've been unable to warm up all day, I always resort to having a really warm shower or bath, because then you stay warm for the rest of the evening. I had one last night after being really cold all day the other day and it really helped. In fact, I was almost too warm afterwards. 

Buy or make a pair of hand warmers. Honestly, if you've never tried hand warmers in the cooler months, you've seriously been missing out. If you don't really feel like buying any, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet on how to make them and they're super easy to follow. However, if you're not much of a DIY-er and fancy buying a pair, I'd recommend going to Dunelm – it's only £2.49 a pair and they're really good quality. I always rely on these.

Finally, make yourself a warm drink. This is probably the most basic thing to do out of everything, but it's a really good way of warming up. Whether it's a hot chocolate, coffee or a good old cup of tea, doing this will make you feel warmer inside and, quite frankly, will make you feel a lot happier. I know how miserable it can be when you're too cold.

So, that was just a little round-up of all the ways I try to stay warm. If they don't help, I'm not sure what will(!). I hope you enjoyed reading this - I'm looking forward to writing more Autumnal posts very soon. 

Anya x

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