August/September Faves 2016

1 October 2016

Hello, October!

The time has come again where I summarise my favourite things over the past couple of months. This time round, however, everything is a bit different to normal. Expect food, music and clothing items. 

The first things I have been absolutely loving recently are Mug Shots. If you aren't aware of these, they're basically a simplified form of soup, because you only need boiling water and a sachet of the stuff. You might think that with such a cheap form of a meal comes not so good quality, but the high quality of mug shots are surreal. There are so many different kinds you can have, but my fave is probably the roast chicken pasta. 

Lately, I've been wearing my Accessorize watch a lot more. Ever since I got the strap altered to fit my wrist, I've worn it frequently. Watches, I've decided, are a great way to accessorise any outfit. 

One YouTuber I thought I'd feature in this post is FabulousHannah. I've started watching her videos on a regular basis and I love how chilled out and relatable she is.

When it comes to clothes, I've been wearing my roll neck jumper a lot since ordering it. While browsing the New Look website, I came across this particular jumper, reduced from £19.99 to a very decent £4. I thought, Why not?, and so it made its way into my basket. Unfortunately I don't think it's stock anymore, but there are a lot of similar items on their website. 

After a while of trying to persuade myself to like coffee, I finally found a liking for it. The way I enjoy it is milky and with a shot of the Gourmet Drops caramel syrup

A song that has recently become one of my all-time favourites is Say You Won't Let Go, by James Arthur. He has one of the most amazing voices, and this song is so chilled out and great to listen to.

I love reading, and my favourite book to read over the course of my holiday was After You, by JoJo Moyes. After reading the first book in the series, Me Before You, I was pretty eager to find out what happened to Louisa next.

As mentioned previously in my 20 Autumn Essentials post, I've had   the time to burn my Pain Au Raisin candle. This has me feeling all cozy, because it smells like food and home baking. 

And last, but certainly not least, we have Belvita biscuits. These are such convenient snacks to have on the go and were definitely worth a mention in this post. I've been enjoying the milk & cereal flavour. 

Basically, what you can summarise from this post is the fact that I've been trying a lot of new food items over the past couple of months. We've reached the end of this double-monthly favourites post, and it makes me wonder where the year has gone? I'm sure it was June only a week ago...

Anya x

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