Tales of Essie Nail Polishes

26 October 2017

I've tried so many different nail polish brands over the years – Rimmel, Maybelline, even OPI – but the one brand I feel is the best, is Essie

First of all, the formula is the aspect that attracts me to Essie polishes the most, because the layers are thin but very buildable. Usually, what I find is polishes can be very gloopy and thick, and therefore are harder to apply well and take much longer to dry. 

The reason why I don't usually make use of Essie polishes is because of their price, £7.99. While this might seem very reasonable, I can't wear nail polishes all that often (only during breaks) and so I"m not keen on investing in them. However, I did discover that they are available to buy at Beauty Outlet, for only £3.99, so I picked up a couple. 

My favourite shade at the moment is the one I'm wearing in the above photo, Resort Fling – a peachy colour with pink undertones – which you can find HERE

Have you tried Essie nail polishes, and what did you think? 

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