Skincare Must-Haves

1 October 2017

How is it already October? It honestly doesn't seem a week since I was away on holiday.

With it being officially Autumn, which I am pretty excited about, I decided it would be a good time to stock up on what I think to be skincare essentials for fighting off dry skin.

The first thing is moisturiser. Whilst it's so dull and rainy outside, there isn't much opportunity for hydrated skin. And I've found myself with drier skin recently, especially around my nose and under-eye area. My Garnier day cream is the one I use all the time now, ever since I spotted it at Tesco for about £4.

When I was in The Body Shop today, I spotted their wide range of hand creams and thought it'd be a good idea to buy some. In the end, I went for the Coconut and the Vanilla Pumpkin scents, because I knew I loved the coconut scent, but was also eager to try the Vanilla Pumpkin range, since I'd heard good things about it.

The same day, I bought two lip balms, which are from the Baby Lips holiday range. More specifically, in the flavours Mint Candy and Cafe Mocha, which I bought on a total whim. I love, love, love the smell and formula of the Cafe Mocha balm, however I couldn't really rate the Mint Candy balm in the same way. The formula is lovely and so is the smell, but the colour it left on my lips wasn't great, so I probably won't be using that one again.

I hope you enjoyed my first post of October – expect plenty of Autumn/Winter content in posts to come!

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