Three New Reads

24 October 2017

Reading is something I've found I don't have as much time for anymore, which is a real shame, because I used to whiz through Jacqueline Wilson's books and had read the majority by the time I was 11. Nevertheless, I still love sitting down to a good book when I get the chance.

I finally got round to reading Wilde Like Me, a highly-aticipated book by Louise Pentland. This is a novel about the ups and downs of motherhood and, although I'm not a mother myself, I find it to be a very relatable and realistic book. This novel doesn't sugarcoat any aspect of life and it is as if the main character, Robin Wilde, is just having a chat with you. I'd recommend to anyone seeking a real feel-good read.

I also wanted to talk about a psychological thriller I read on holiday – Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes. This was a book that I got through within a couple of reads, because I always wanted to find out what happened. This surrounds the life of Claudia Morgan-Brown, a heavily-pregnant women who hires a nanny, Zoe, to look after her sons. It gets to a point where Claudia starts to have doubts about Zoe's motives for being there.

The last of my mentions is Capture Your Style by blogger Aimee Song. This isn't a novel but is actually a guide to creating the best Instagram platform, business, blog etc. So, basically, my ideal read. I'm always turning to things like this when I'm in need of some inspiration, so if you find yourself in the same boat I'd highly recommend books of this kind.

What 3 books would you recommend?

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