The Perks of Employment, From a Student

27 October 2018

 I think that the last time I properly spoke about having a job was when I got my first one, back in October 2016 - that's a scary thought. As a result, I thought it'd be good to update you all on the ways in which my life has changed since entering the world of work. Since I last posted, I have begun my second job and life couldn't be more different than when I began two years ago.

First of all, having a job has encouraged my confidence to emerge substantially. I suppose you have to be, in order to communicate effectively and get on well with the people around you. I have always been able to do this to an extent, but I definitely have increased confidence in what I'm saying and feel less apprehensive about being wrong.

Admittedly, I am a real overthinker, and used to constantly worry about having said the wrong thing, even though it's what I knew to be correct. I guess that the feeling of less apprehension also lies with being older, but getting used to being around new people all the time really encourages you to relax a bit more.

Similarly, my time management has definitely somewhat improved since I began working. I've learnt to prioritise aspects of my life better, having gained limited spare time to do so; this had been so helpful when revising for my GCSEs and needed to spend Sundays productively.

Apart from anything else, I have definitely come to realise that what you do in your own time, really does matter. You spend most of your high school life being told that what you do 'will enhance your CV and improve your chances of employability' and you assume that your grades will be enough, but when you don't have any grades i.e. when you haven't finished your GCSEs, these things really do make a difference. I don't even think I would have made it to the interview stage of my job if I hadn't had anything to put on my application, seeing as I didn't have any academic qualification at the time.

Actually, having more stuff on your CV contributes to having more confidence in interviews, as there is a lot more to talk about. For example, if you are asked to talk about ways in which your experiences have shaped you and why this would make a good contender, having nothing to say instantly puts employers off.

One last thing to mention is that getting this new job has made me realise that if I really want something, I can do it. That there are people who believe in me enough and want what I have to offer. And that, in itself, is a real confidence booster, and why having a job has massively improved my life.


  1. Great article Anja, I'm going to get my girls (13 & 11) to read this. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to all the young generation :)

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I’m so glad you like the post! :)

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