'Wild' for Animal Print

29 October 2018

Recently, I've slowly fallen for the latest animal print trends that have swept the High Street; i never thought that this would be a fashion that I'd likes much, for some reason, but I have actually found myself purchasing a few of said pieces! This trend, really, is pretty timeless; animal prints have been lurking for the longest time, but for some reason it's only this year that they have truly come into the spotlight. I did actually touch on my liking for this fashion in my Autumn Trends '18 roundup post, but thought it deserved its own mention.

Now, being a lover of the simple white t-shirt, I couldn't refrain from buying one, especially from New Look, which seems to have become my port-of-call when it comes to fashion, as of late. I discovered this particular one, which caught my eye due to the simplicity of the print on the front, which I though to be a great nudge towards the trend. I have actually mentioned this item before in one of my latest posts, so you can see how much I like it just from this!

We love a versatile piece. More of a formal item; this jumpsuit, also from New Look, is one of my favourites in my wardrobe right now. I adore the versatility of a jumpsuit, and the fact that they just seem to solve any outfit dilemmas - none of this 'I can't find a nice top or bottoms' drama - a whole outfit, right there for you! I managed to buy this when it was under offer, so it was only around £20 (edit - it is still under offer now!). For a day look, I would wear a simple pair of sneakers, probably black or white, and for nighttime, I'd wear my nude heels and a leather jacket.

And finally, we come to what it possibly my favourite purchases, simply because of the price tag. At £6, I spied this little gem in Primark a few weeks back, and it is definitely something I recommend. You know when you just want a small bag for parties, meals out, etc? This is something I was in need of, but didn't actually realise just how much until I found this. I am adoring the whole round bag trend circulating lately, and have to give this particular one a 10/10 for quality. Usually, I'd expect something this affordable to be breaking soon enough because, I suppose, 'you get what you pay for', but the bag seems to have defied this expectation.

So in a nutshell, this just so happens to be one of my best-loved fashions of the season! What's your favourite?

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