Three 'Second Day Hair' Looks

1 April 2020

I think the last time I wrote anything remotely hair-related was around four years ago. Looking back,  I'd like to believe that since then, my hair styling skills have come on quite a bit (hopefully, given the last post!). Admittedly, the styles I love the most are the ones that look like the most effort has been made, that take the smallest amount of time. 

Today I wanted to share with you three of my favourite styles for second-day hair. You know, when you've waved your hair for whatever reason a day earlier and still want to make the style last. In all honesty, waves the second day are normally better to style than they are on the first. I think this is because they have less structure, giving them a more natural appearance. I generally seem to prefer loose waves over tight ones, but I think that's just because of the length of my hair; I'm kind of in that mid-length range at the moment where I wouldn't really class it as long, but...not short either, I guess? Regardless, I've definitely started to prefer waved hair over straight - it's much more versatile and, actually, easier to style. My hair doesn't stay straight for all that long, so having it pre-waved is a lot more convenient, to say the least. I've learnt to wave with the straighteners and found that this works the best for my hair length and thickness - happy days!☺︎


I really do think waves add something extra to the standard ponytail, especially when your hair is in that mid-length range. I'm sure that, if my hair were longer, I'd love it straight in a ponytail, but it doesn't always look quite right at the moment. One of my favourite ways to style up day two hair is to  brush it back, tie it up, and bring down a few pieces at the front. I mean, sometimes I do need to go back and curl these two front pieces, but only because the front of my hair is where waves loosen the quickest. The trick with this, to get a loose wave that doesn't contrast too much from the rest of the hair, is to turn the straighteners outwards and only twist halfway, rather than twisting the hair the whole way around the barrel. Although this is totally not necessary, I sometimes add a scrunchie to accentuate the style, especially if I'm wearing a plain outfit (like in this instance!). And voila!


This has gradually become the style I wear when I just need a quick fix-up in the morning (or, you know, when I want to hide the fact I need to wash my hair and didn't have time the night before). Strange, I know, but it does the job. It's also a great option for looking put-together with little time to do so. Just part your hair, start French plaiting from the front and use hair grips to secure at the back - done. Tip: it looks better if you loosen the plaits - do so by gently tugging on the loops once the plaits are secure.


By far the easiest style of the bunch, this look is timeless and is the ultimate 'get up and go' style. I'm aware I've mentioned this on several occasions, but I've really embraced the whole hair accessory trend lately, as it really does dress up what could otherwise be a rather plain outfit. I've found several headbands/scrunchies/clips that have been used countless times over the past six months or so, including this H&M headband. (I've linked to the range of bands on H&M, but cannot find the exact one as I bought it some time last year!) and this set of scrunchies from New Look. On me, I've found this style looks best when I keep the parting visible, but push most of the hair back and leave only small sections at the front (if that makes any sense?). In a nutshell, headbands are the true unsung heroes of hair accessories. 

What are your go-to easy hairstyles?

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