Twenty Productive Things to do At Home

30 March 2020

We made it through the first week of lockdown! This is definitely not the start to the decade that any of us had in mind. However, today I thought share with you a few things to do while at home. You know, for those times when you've done all of your usual daily tasks and suddenly find yourself wondering what to do next. 
1. Clear out your wardrobe. Be brutal - my general rule when it comes to doing this is, if I haven't worn it for the last six months, I know I'm unlikely to wear it again and, thus, in the charity shop pile it goes. Although, for now, make a pile and store it somewhere, until everything goes back to normal and we're okay to go about everything again. 
2. Make a new playlist of songs. There's certainly no better time to discover new music!
3. Learn a language. I'm currently trying to work on my German; it's a subject and language I definitely wish I'd taken further, so I thought I'd pick it up while I have the time. My two favourite language apps at the moment are Memrise and Duolingo - both are free and so easy to use.
4. Wash your car. Although regular car washing services aren't really available at the moment, it can still definitely be done the old fashioned way!
5. Work out. There's no time like the present, right? There're so many videos on the Internet for home workouts, especially now that gyms aren't open.
6. Take up scrapbooking. Scrapbooks/photo albums are such a cool way of putting all your photos in place, without too much commitment on the creative front.
7. Experiment with new hairstyles. I feel like this something I don't really get much opportunity to do. Pinterest is such a good way to get some serious hair inspiration (side note: create a Pinterest account - it's by far my favourite social platform and has everything you could ever want)
8. Establish a good skincare routine. Again, something I never really get round to doing properly; I'm very much a 'wipe makeup off, sometimes apply moisturiser' type of person, as much as I try. I think the thing I struggle with most is not the routine itself, but doing it on a regular basis. 
9. Start up a blog. How apt! But seriously, blogging is such a great creative outlet, especially if you like writing. Software such as Blogspot is free and so easy to use, I'd totally recommend.
10. Bake. I think baking is seriously underrated! Surprisingly, it can be quite therapeutic, and is a great way of using leftover fruit , etc., rather than throwing it away.
11. Read. There's nothing much better than getting into a good book. I've been trying to get into reading a lot more lately, especially with more time on my hands. I have to say, I've discovered some incredible ones recently. 
12. Take up an online course. There are so many free online courses out there. These are perfect for just learning more about a subject that you wouldn't explore otherwise, as well as having something to add to your CV. 
13. Clear out your emails. Sounds like an obscure one, I know. But this is one of those things I feel gets pushed to the side. This means responding to emails, going through and unsubscribing from mailing lists. You know, the kind of thing you look at and think  'I'll sort that out at some point'.
14. Call or Facetime someone. Keeping this up is so important, especially given the current circumstances. Calling can also be such a fresh change from texting!
15. Watch a documentary. As a student, I know how refreshing a documentary can be compared to scouring over books all the time. Watch a documentary or docuseries about something you're interested in - some of the best ones are on Netflix.
16. Start a new series. I used to think that this was the complete opposite of being productive, but now I've gained a lot more spare time, this is something I definitely plan on doing. It's become a know thing that the list of shows I've seen is sparse, so if you have any show recommendations, please let me know!
17. Update your CV. It may have been a while since you last job-hunted, so it may be that you've gained some new qualifications since then so that, when you do come to looking for a new job, you're not sending off an out-of-date CV - that would be pretty awkward. 
18. Go for a walk. Despite new regulations, make the most of opportunity to go out once a day - it can really help to stop you going stir crazy. Something I've been trying to do is time a walk around mid afternoon; this is usually the time the day starts to drag most. 
19. Clean out the house/your room. I don't know at what point in my life I sorted to enjoy cleaning, but it's actually a pretty fun thing to do once you get into it (I feel like I aged a good few years in that one sentence!). 
20. And finally, listen to a TED Talks or podcast. I didn't think I'd be one for podcasts, but I'm definitely a convert. There's a podcast or TED Talks for pretty much anything out there, and there so good to have on in the background.

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